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Making Grammar Exciting Using Storytelling

Michael Dorer


Are you afraid of Grammar? Is it dull, boring, too detailed, scary, or simply unclear? Storytelling will come to the rescue! Find out why storytelling is such a great partner for Grammar, learn key Grammar stories including some humor, find out the secrets for great Grammar classes. Michael is an experienced Montessori storyteller, and he will help you to leave this workshop with a new eager and buoyant attitude toward Grammar.


Michael Dorer

Michael Dorer is a Senior Consultant in the Montessori Foundation and Executive Director of Sarasota University’s Montessori programs. He is credentialed by AMI, AMS and Independent. Additionally, Michael has a doctorate in Instructional Leadership. Michael’s pedagogical interests include imagination, holism, classroom leadership, cosmic education, mathematics, and storytelling. He is very active in school consultation and presenting to schools and conferences.

Michael is very involved in teaching online classes. One of these classes is You Can Teach it All. This is a course on curriculum management for elementary Montessori guides.

The other course is The Great Lessons: Inspiring a Sense of Wonder. This is a course for anyone at all interested in the Great Lessons.

Michael has authored two books, The Deep Well of Time: The Transformative Power of Storytelling in the Classroom and his latest, an illustrated children’s book, Hatching the Cosmic Egg. Presently Michael is working on a new book focusing on Storytelling in Montessori Grammar.

This is Michael’s 50th year of activity in Montessori. You can reach Michael at +1 651-353-2109 or at

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