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Mindfulness for the moment

Teri Canaday Freeman


Are you trying to deal with everyday stresses of being with the young child, especially during the pandemic? Join Teri for a discussion of Mindfulness and how being in the present moment with a positive attitude can make all the difference. Be ready to look inward so that you can respond outward with an upbeat spin. Also come away with some “mindful” activities that you can do with the little ones that might just make you a bit more mindful yourself!


Teri Canaday Freeman

Teri Canaday Freeman is celebrating 49 years in Montessori education this year!  Teri has helped start many public and private schools, being the director of her own school for 28 years.  She worked as a director and instructor for many teacher education courses, worked as a consultant at numerous  schools, and has taught courses at the university level. Teri is now enjoying retirement by being actively engaged in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program in her home church where she continues to utilize her Montessori skills by creating peaceful environments where children can learn about God.

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