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The Future of Education in a Post Pandemic World

Gavin McCormack


The recent pandemic required teachers and educators to rethink the way they engaged learners who were asked to remain at home. The educational system transformed almost overnight – we shifted to online platforms, remote learning, video conferencing and along the way we learned some extremely valuable lessons. But how have those lessons shaped the way we see education today, and how can we use the new skills we have inherited to shape the future of education tomorrow? Gavin McCormack explores the opportunities ahead and shares valuable insights into what the future of education could look like!


Gavin McCormack

Having written a series of books for both children and adults on education, researching and representing Sir Kenny Dalglish’s Life story as a rhyming picture book, running his own publishing firm, charity and being school Principal, Gavin McCormack, nominated for Australian Principal of the year 2020, was also named as the 10th most Influential Educator in the world by Linkedin.

On a quest for educational equality, Gavin has run hundreds of miles for charity to raise money to personally build schools, libraries and teacher training centres in the Himalayan region of Nepal, all this whilst successfully running one of Australia’s best Montessori primary schools, Gavin knows what it means to work with intention.

During his engaging talks, Gavin proves that when we discover what it is, that truly makes our heart sing, and if we really want to see change in the world, we must first shift our mindset to a place where failure is all part of the journey. Ultimately, the change we wish to see in others lies within.

Gavin makes strong links between the way our classrooms run to the patterns we see emerging in today’s society. He emphasizes the importance of essential skill development and the power that these skills will have in the future of our youngest entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.

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